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Paul Durham Electric, Inc. has made a commitment to job site safety. We have instituted a safety program that incorporates incentives for safe job sites, a modified work policy to get people back to work as soon as possible and an aggressive policy that promote safe job sites.  We are committed to ensuring that our employees work in a safe environment.

Our safety program stresses education to avoid potentially unsafe practices and demands that all work be done in a safe manner.  Through our Code of Safe Practices, and a safety program that provides cash incentives to foreman who keep their job site accident free, and yearly safety awards, we have been able to minimize  job site accidents and reduce costs.

We have made a serious commitment in time and money to ensure that our employees work in a safe environment.  We firmly believe that all accidents are preventable.  The success of our efforts is best demonstrated by our experience modification rate, which is well below the industry standard.

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